Pat McClendon here.

Let me tell you about the Saving Nurses’ Introductory Series,

Take Back Your Caring

We all know that nurse caring is always personal.
And this is easy to lose sight of.
Your work environments are the most complex there is.
And holding onto your authentic self challenges your heart, mind, body and soul.

This course series introduces simple, practical and personal learnings that you can apply immediately.
I promise that these will bring you more hope, meaning, and caring capacity. You will feel better about yourself and your practice.

We will cover a proven set of self-care and self-development skills and tools that have helped thousands gain mastery of their work and relationships.

1st Webinar is Free – 3 Practical Personal Skills

3 Online Courses of Self-Care Learnings & Tools

• Module 1 – Emotional Hygiene
• Module 2 – Mindsets, Stories, Truths
• Module 3 – Tiny Habits

I am so pleased that you are here and I know that these learnings can make a difference your life.

I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing what I have learned and what others have found inspiring.

Pat McClendon

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